September 24, 2021

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Aaww Couple Goals: Check Out Cute Photos of Power Couple Mammito and Eddie Butita

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Eddie Butita and fellow comedian Eunice Mammito are undoubtedly one of the cutest couple in the entertainment industry. The two are definitely a power couple that took a long time to come out to people. Their fans received more exciting news as they announced a while back that they will be having their very first baby.

Eddie and Mammito denied any relationship in the past after rumors started spreading. Claims about their involvement go way back in 2017 after they posted photos of themselves captioned as MCM and WCW. Another photo of them and comedian Chipukeezy with Mammito looking heavily pregnant surfaced and the rumors intensified.

Eddie Butita, however, came forth and trashed the claims and denied any intimate realtionship with her. Mammito, who is officially known as Eunice Wanjiku Njoki took to social media on May this year and posted a photo of them together, This was seen as a love revelation by netizens. Many people congratulated them on their relationship although Mammito captioned it as being taken before the Corona Pandemic.

They have been constantly seen in each other’s company in previous events which lead to many hinting a romantic relationship. Both Eddie Butita and Eunice did not not affirm nor deny this. After the confirmation a lot of people have been happy for them and especially now that Mammito is allegedly expecting a child. Definitely a power couple in the entertainment industry as they are respected comedians.

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