December 2, 2022

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Elodie zone picture

Elodie zone picture

All Inclusive:The Age, Career, Parents And Love Life Of Elodie Zone

Elodie Zone is known to many for being a Youtube Vlogger.She is also a social media influencer.She was born in Kenya on 23rd November 1996.Her mother is a Kenyan while her dad is of mixed race hailing from mauritius.

Elodie zone looking beautiful
Growing Up
Elodie grew up in various parts of the world.She spent her first years in kenya where she was born and later on moved to france before going to Mauritius with her Mother.She however currently lives in Kenya and has spent many years of her life here.

Elodie studied in international schools for both her primary and secondary school education where she did well and qualified to join campus.However,through online platforms, elodie revealed that she has school phobia due to some bullying which she experienced while in high school.As a result,she prefers home schooling rather than going to school.As per now, elodie is doing home schooling studying various courses as according to her, learning never stops.

Elodie zone picture
Elodie zone picture

At a point, Elodie used to work at Nrg radio where she used to host a breakfast show which aired from 6.00 am to 10.00am.Elodie also used to be a frequent youtuber but she had stopped it at some point in life to fix herself.She however is now fully back on youtube.Apart from being a Youtuber, Elodie is also an entrepreneur and actually has her own clothing line going by name of Kiyana designs.She also trades on some online staffs like cryptocurrency.Elodie is also a brand influencer and promoter working with platforms like skygirlske which works on improving and empowering the girl child.

Elodie zone in her Kiyana design clothing
Elodie zone

Love life
Currently, elodie disclosed that she is single but is not ready to mingle.This revelation comes barely months after breaking up with her Ex-boyfriend Nviiri the storyteller which ellicited many reactions online.Elodie also once dated Kibaki’s grandson sean Andrew

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