September 20, 2023

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Best and Marketable C- Courses in Kenya, 2023

There is a common belief that degrees are superior as opposed to certificates and diplomas which is untrue. Diplomas are becoming just as good as degrees and employers are starting to prefer employees with diplomas. This means that even if a student fails to get into university, they can be able to get a great diploma course that can get the employment. Below are the best and marketable C- courses in Kenya as per 2023.

1.Graphical Web Design

Building websites has always had a wide and established market that is always looking for new people. It is definitely a good skill to invest in as there is an ever insatiable need for web developers.


  • C- in language subjects, English and Kiswahili
  • C- in computer studies

2.Accounting and Finance

Financial experts and accountants are a must have for almost every organization which makes it a very marketable course in Kenya and globally.


  • D- in languages
  • D- in Mathematics

3. Sales and Marketing

With the increased social platforms and businesses, marketing is one of the most important skill to learn. It can be used in more than physical businesses as more organizations are moving towards the need to market their businesses online.


  • D+ in English
  • D+ in Mathematics

4.Journalism and Mass Communications

The world is moving towards a digital spectrum and with more people consuming media, this makes it a great course to take. One does not need to work in the traditional institutions and can instead create their own media consuming platform.


  • C plain in language subjects

5.Interior Design

In the past, this course was one of the least marketable courses in the country as people were not really into décor and too many events. It is currently a growing industry as many people are starting to appreciate the interior design space.


  • C- general grade

6.Project Management and Evaluation

This course allows one to work with different organizations and NGOs even internationally. It is a great course for people who want to work in non-profits but also a lot of other different organizations.


  • D+ in English
  • D+ in Mathematics

7.Human Resource Management

HR has always been an important branch in any organization which makes this course very important. With the right skills one can work with very big companies even outside of Kenya.


  • C- average grade

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