April 21, 2021

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Bomet Man Shocks Residents After Retrieving Body From Quarry (Video)

A Man in Bomet County has left residents in shock after he manged to recover the body of a Bomet man who had committed suicide inside in a deep quarry.

According to reports by the villagers and the police, the man committed suicide after an argument with his family. Efforts to search for his body around the pool bore no fruits. The residents then requested the services of a well-known local diver called Gideon Ngotwa.

The villagers then stood and watched as Gideon prepared to search for the body in the 35 feet hole. He took a deep breath and dived and within one minute, Gideon came back holding the body of the young man in his hands.

Immediately, screaming and sobbing filled the air as residents saw the lifeless body of the young man in his hands.

Retrieving the body is often considered very risky and tiresome but Gideon managed to do it single handedly. Many people have gone ahead to shower him with praise with a number encouraging him to join the army or navy because of his diving skills. People in the government are mostly paid to perform the diving jobs.

Many people have also asked the government to consider employing him for any job that will put his skills to good use.

Check out the video of the Bomet man: https://web.facebook.com/watch/?v=454865905418427&extid=c1vb3w0FvTVEeFL4

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