October 17, 2021

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Check Out The Strongest Man in Kenya

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The strongest man in Kenya who was referred to as Tiger Power before his unfortunate death is definitely a legend. Conrad Njeru Karukenya was no doubt the strongest man ever in Kenya who was awarded the Head of State Commendation by former President Mwai Kibaki in 2008.

He performed a lot of tricks and stunts which were perhaps very dangerous and he seemed invincible. Conrad could be run over by a Land Rover and emerge without a single scratch on him. The strongest man in Kenya could also carry eight huge men without struggle or breaking a sweat. In addition, he could pull a car with his teeth and break nails six inch long with his teeth. Surprising right?

Tiger disclosed that he discovered his amazing supper strength accidentally. He was transporting his father’s Coffee beans to the factory when unfortunately the brakes suddenly stopped. As he was repairing them by the road, the oxen accidentally pulled and he was run over by the luggage and did not feel any pain. He grew up and became the strongest man and his extraordinary strength surprised the public. Despite his fame and love from the public, Njeru was struggling financially.

The Strongest Man in Kenya Death

This is after he was admitted in the hospital in 2015 and was battling with many complications. His son disclosed this information as his father was no longer able to perform his stunts which was the main source of income for him. He was admitted in the hospital for a long time before his death at The Consolata Mission Hospital in Kyeni, Embu County. He succumbed after he failed to raise KES 7,000 required for a CT scan. The country lost one of its best as he was laid to rest after making history as one of the strongest man ever.

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