January 30, 2023

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Check Out The World’s Smallest Country With Only 33 Citizens

When anyone speaks of a country, it is expected to have millions or rather, hundred thousand people. However, some countries have a very small population. Some only have up to 1000 or less than 500 people. An example of such a country is The Republic of Molossia. It is the world’s smallest country and has 1.28 acres of land with only 33 individuals. Molossia has very good climatic conditions that is very advantageous to the people of the nation. Their population constitutes of more men than females. The Republic of Molossia does not accept any new citizens and is limited to the ones who are already citizens.

Despite the weather conditions and the small manageable population, it has very poor infrastructure. Additionally, it has little to no vegetation growing in the area. The republic was established on July 30th 1962 and is headed by Kevin Baugh. It acts as an independent sovereign nation outside of Nevada and has been so for fourty years.

Kevin together with his wife decided to declare their property as a micronation in 1977. They use a currency known as Valora. The country, however, is not recognized as much by the local government. Kevin pays taxes to the local government and refers to it as “foreign aid”.

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