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David maraga wife and children

David Maraga Biography, Age, Education, Career, Salary, Wife and Children, Wealth

David Kenani Maraga is a Kenyan lawyer and jurist and the former Chief justice of the republic of Kenya. Maraga served as the 14th CJ and president of the supreme court.


Maraga was born on 12th January 1951 in Bonyamatuta Village in Nyamira County.


He is a very strong believer of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church and he has sworn to never enter the courtroom on the Sabbath no matter the case.

David Maraga Education

David Maraga went to the prestigious University of Nairobi where obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law.  He graduated from the university 1977. In 2011, he also graduated with a masters in law from the same University. In 1978, he got a post graduate diploma from the Kenya school of law.

David maraga education


Maraga started out his career as a private lawyer for two and half decades.  He was then appointed by former president Mwai Kibaki as a High Court judge in October 2003. He later on moved to the Court of Appeal in 2012 after an interview by The Judicial Service Commission.

A year after joining the Court of Appeal, he applied to be president of The Court of Appeal.However, he lost to Justice Kihara Kariuki. Later in May 2012, he was appointed by the then Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga to ensure the judiciary was fully prepared to handle the court cases after the 2013 general elections. It was successful and he was still in charge of the Judiciary Committee until 2015. In 2013, he was appointed by the president as chair of Tribunal to investigate conduct of High Court judge Joseph Mutava who was suspected to have compromised a case. They completed the report in 2016, suggesting his removal from office.

Maraga then became the presiding judge of the court appeal in Kisumu before his appointment. He was officially announced as the new Chief Justice by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 19th October 2016. This is after the voluntary retirement of Willy Mutunga.

David Maraga retired as Chief Justice on 11th January 2021. He together with other judges wrote history after they cancelled the August 2017 elections.

David Maraga Salary and Wealth

Maraga was earning approximately Ksh 1,328,000 while in office. Former Chief Justice David Maraga was given Ksh 15,934,656 retirement package alongside other hefty bonuses. This was as he headed home for retirement on January 11, 2021.

He will also get a monthly pension equivalent to 80 percent of his last monthly salary amounting to Ksh 1,062,400 per month. Maraga will also have access to a Ksh 10,000,000 inpatient medical cover and Ksh 300,000 for outpatient.

David Maraga Wife and Children

He is married to Yucabeth Nyaboke and they have three children.

David maraga wife and children


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