December 2, 2022

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Gen Z Vs Boomers and Millennials: The Generational Debate

You have probably heard about the stereotypes surrounding every generation, most of which are hate views meant to heat up the other generation. There are debates online every 4-5 business days on what Gen Z is doing wrong and what they should be doing instead. The real questions are, is Gen Z really lazy and entitled or did other generations accept exploitation and the bare minimum? Where does the superiority complex in every generation stem from and why do they think they are better than the next or previous generation? Why do we hate what we think is different from what we know?

Initial Thoughts

Each time I come across a post or a video about everything wrong with Gen Z, I often chuckle and can’t stop thinking about where all this hate came from. Each generation grows differently with cultures and trends that change as years go by. How can you really complain about a generation that you raised? Gen Z or millenials didn’t just start existing. They were born and raised by another generation, who in most cases wash themselves off the responsibility of claiming maybe they did mess up at some point. But who really, is to blame for the actions of the other?

To me, it seems like typical behavior that was adopted from the people they grew up on. Habits and behaviors aren’t just made. It’s an observation and adaptation of the caretakers. So, is Gen Z really a “bad” generation or did they just copy and adopt patterns from the people before them.

The Rebels

We are used to systems, order and having a power that states what we have to do. People who go outside of these systems are isolated and are considered crazy or out of place. This is the same analogy I think applies to the Gen Z generation. One thing is definite, they do not take bullshit from anyone and they question how things are done.

They do not put up with oppressive and exploitative behavior and would rather seek their own path. This might be a controversial thing to say, but I believe this is what triggers the other generation so much. Most did not have the chance to seek out their own path and decide certain things. They did not have the power to make the same changes being made today and all I will say it, how is it wrong for Gen Z to not be what you want them to be? What is so wrong with rejecting a system that has been around for so long and seeking out something different that makes you happier and fulfilled?

The Woke Ones

Being woke is one thing I both hate and love about Gen Z. There are some issues that require the cancel culture and woke treatment they are getting, the real issues that have been ignored for the longest. I don’t know why the Boomers fight with the millenials and Gen Z for fighting for the same things they want changes in. Do you want change or are you addicted to the system that has been oppressing you?

While being woke might be good, it has also led to other things I don’t think should have any attention at all. Movements that are clearly not okay, whether or not most people want to admit that. As much as I hate the “woke culture, this freedom to express what you believe in is another trigger. People prefer the old and in keeping things the way they were, the way they know it and that is a real problem.

Mental Health

I don’t like it nor do I understand why mental health is used as a point on why Gen Z is a “horrible” generation. Mental health issues like depression weren’t taken seriously for a long time but that does not mean they did not exist. The other generation especially the boomers learnt to take it all in and not speak their feelings or when they were not okay. Nowadays, it is considered safe and better to go to therapy and speak about how you feel and to be open with your condition.

Why would you use mental health as a drag as if these problems didn’t exist before and were just suppressed? Most people say this generation has recorded the highest numbers of depression and suicides as a drag. How is it bad that people are now realizing how important mental health is, bringing awareness to it and being more open about it?


Now let’s be honest here, the millenials and boomers are hardworking and believe in getting rewards for their work done, however small it is. This is the contrast with the Z Generation, they are not willing to work for minimal wage or the bare minimum simply because they have to. I have heard a lot of claims that they are lazy and I agree with that for the most part. However, I do have an issue with the whole work aspect.

If you read the comments under gen z protesting for better pay or less hours and better working conditions, you’ll see the boomers and many millenials talking about how they worked more and did more and how the Zs are just lazy. My question is, how did we turn being exploited and working ourselves to death into a competition on who suffered more? Why do we the mentality that if I suffered or I’m suffering that others should too? Why not change the system that does that to you instead of holding suffering as a trophy?


The arguments on who has the most crime are the dumbest one I’ve seen yet. Why are we even using this as a point on which generation is better? All the generations have had their own share of psychos and it should stop at that.

Social Media

The invention of social media is one of the best things to happen to the world in the best and worst ways possible. I do take the Boomers side on this and the exposure of these social platforms especially to kids. It may be considered progressive but we really need to draw a line on what we consider being woke. I agree that people need to take their eyes of their phones for once and go outside, probably breath a little without allowing the opinions of others into your mind.

We’ve gotten so used to people agreeing with us and probably filling our head with junk. There is a real life outside with people living lives. While social media may be beneficial people should really take sometimes off and do something with their lives.

However, I’ve never understood the statement that social media is not real work and never will. You may take it as a joke but it has helped people, a whole lot of them in making things better for themselves. Let’s not shame people for making things work for themselves in this way. Maybe the other generations worked a 9-5 and things were really hard for them but things have changed and it shouldn’t be a bad thing.

Final Thoughts

While this article may seem like I’m siding with Gen Z, (I actually do for the most part), I do understand the other generations’ point of view. It is, however, not right to hate a whole generation or consider them doomed for doing things differently and probably better than you did. We all work and do thing hoping our kids and the people after us experience a better world and system. Instead, it has become a hate competition on who hates the other more and about what they should do.

Honestly, all these debates are funny to me and do not make sense as to why we would fight each other while we want the same things and change. If you failed in certain things, let others make it better in their own way. Let the people have the freedom to seek out their truth and make the world comfortable for them in the way they can

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