December 2, 2022

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Straw hats fashion

Hats in Fashion

Chic barriers. That is the statement that comes to mind when I want to describe hats. From Calvin Klein to Marc Jacobs, fashion designers have used hats to style their pieces in the runways this season so it’s safe to say that hats have been remodeled to make fashion statements. They appeal to different tastes, trends and the options are unlimited. So if you are having a bad hair day, need protection from the sun, want to shut off the world or want to look and feel good in this new trend, here are some options you can head out with

Soft Bucket Hats

These are ‘ugly’ turned pretty fishermen hats. We have already seen them in the street fashion with artists like Rihanna rocking a snake print Versace design bucket hat to a Fenty Beauty event. She paired it with a mini dress and the combo was just adorable. The Paris fashion week also gave a new meaning to this trend. Is it here to stay? I hope so.

Rihanna in a bucket hat

Straw Hats in Fashion

Nothing says Vacation more like a straw hat. They are the new must have wardrobe accessory. Straw hats are moods presenting moments and realms of style. New styles like structured silhouettes and fringe, gives them a modern street style vibe.

Straw hats fashion

Cloche Hats

If you are in love with 1920s and 30s vintage fashion, then this is the style for you. To make them more fun, embellish them with feathers, gems, rhinestones and even ribbons to turn them into everyday tiaras.

Wide Brim Hats

These are my season favorites and I hope that’s not the sound of you judging me. I live for the drama this hats offer, they demand attention. You can pair them with a cute flowing dress to achieve a stylish appearance.

wide brim hats fashion

Berets in Fashion

These casual old school hats are crafted to be wearable and beautiful at the same time making them cool options. These French designs can be worn by increasing its volume or tilting it to the side and matching the color to the coat or pants. You can also opt to go the ‘Emily in Paris style’, when in France…

Emily in Paris Fashion 

Felt Hats/ Fedora/ Panama

These are similar looking but different hat styles. The hats are popping and very versatile making them the most essential go to hat pieces at the moment. The hats have stood the test of time and can be styled with almost anything from dresses to pants and even jeans!

Panama hats fashion

Faux Fur

Embrace the weather in style. Faux fur hats are practical and warm making them perfect for the cold weather. You know how Kenyan weather can be.

Cowboy Hats

They were often associated with ranchers and farmers but these hats have got a modern revamp and we can now see them in fashion magazines and in celebrities’ wardrobes. Feel free to refer to it as the Little Nas X effect if you know what I mean.

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