January 31, 2023

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Ndindi nyoro

“He Used To Be A Charcoal Burner” Age, Career And Biography Of Ndindi Nyoro

Known to many for being a strong Dp Ruto and Tangatanga ally, Ndindi nyoro is a Kenyan entrepreneur and also a politician.He is the Current member of Parliament for Kiharu constituency.Ndindi nyoro

Early life

Ndindi was born on 12th December 1985 in Gathukeini village;Murang’a county.He is the last born in a family of four.His parents were peasants struggling to make ends meet.His mum was a small peasant farmer while his dad was a carpenter at Kiandutu slums in Thika.
Unfortunately,while ndindi was still a little boy, his father died which was very hard for them especially for Ndindi who was the last born.


Ndindi Nyoro went to Gathukeini primary school where he performed well and qualified to join Kiaguthu boys which he however did not join as his mother could not afford the fees.He instead joined Kiambugi boys where the principal allowed fees to be paid in installments as he was a family friend.With determination to continue with his education, Ndindi used to repair
shoes for his classmates and also burnt charcoal during school holidays so as to help raise school fees.It was at this point in life where ndindi started acquiring his entrepreneural skills and also his outgoing character.Despite the challenges, Ndindi passed his KCSE examinations and managed to join Kenyatta University where he pursued bachelor of arts in economics.Ndindi nyoro at a public event
After joining campus, Ndindi started a small hotel to help him get through campus which however failed.Being an ambitious student, Ndindi continued to try and became a stock broker.This did not dissapoint him as even after campus, he took it as his career.He used to work part time for Ngenye Kariuki and company stock brokers while still doing other businesses.Ndindi then later on formed stockbridge stockbrokers company alongside other partners and also started afrisec telecoms which provides internet services which did well.In 2016, Ndindi started his own stockbroking company by name of investax which is currently one of the leading stockbroking firm in the country.
Ndindi joined politics while still in campus where he was first elected as the Academic Secretary making him a member of the Kenyatta University Students Association. It was while at the association where he met some of his political allies like former nominated senator Isaac Mwaura and others.Ndindi was then elected in 2017 as the member of Parliament for Kiharu constituency; a seat he is serving even today.

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