September 27, 2022

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Hottest Trending Wigs 2022

It’s almost mid 2022 and it’s time to switch up your style. I’m not just talking about your clothes and drip; your hair needs that switch up too. You can have a pretty girl moment with some amazing wigs inspo 2022 has to offer. This year has brought amazing trends that will most likely last a while. We don’t want you to miss out on these gorgeous trends and set your tone for the rest of 2022.

1.The High Low Cut

This style was and is mostly worn by Asian women. Notable rappers like Lil Kim have worn it before although it still didn’t set the trend as it did this year. Rapper Nicki Minaj stepped out this year and came for blood fashion-wise. She has been rocking the high low Asian cut and eating it up! The girls have taken up this trend and has set off with many fashionistas and hair stylists picking it up. It can be worn in so many ways and you can make it colorful to set you off from all the others.

2.Assymetrical bobs

This wig has been around for years but its one trend that is seeing a rise in 2022. It gives you a sassy look and you can give your wig a little makeover to give it a bob look. We are not talking about the regular bob look, its an asymmetrical look that brings both the fun and classy part of the wig!

3.Contrasting Tips

Wigs look better with a little pop of color. You know what’s even better, a mixture of colors to give it the fun vibe it deserves. This year has seen a trend which gives the tips of the wig a different color from the top one. The wig does look amazingly good with celebrities like Nicki Minaj rocking this style. Instagram and tiktok influencers can’t get enough of it!

4.Side Swoop

Black women have rocked this style for so long but it hasn’t been picked up for a while. Rapper Cardi B has rocked it since 2018 but it has now been given a little twist and spice. The side swoop can now be done with a love shape, the two ponytails, giving it a playful look. More designs on it are emerging everyday and we can’t wait to see more wigs!

5.Pixie Band Look

Bangs have many variations aimed at achieving different looks for the same style. Another trend that has seen a swerve in 2022 is the pixie bang cut. Artist Doja Cat has always given the pixie vibes but in 2022 has served pink wigs with the pixie front cut. Nicki Minaj has rocked this style too with her signature pink wig. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s eating!

6.Creative Fringe

Fringes have always been an everyday style for most people. Mixed people are able to wear it more easily with their natural hair and it looks amazing each time. The fringe wigs have also become pretty common with a variation of colors including the blonde that gives it a great twist.

7.Rapunzel Inches

Whether it’s braids or any other style, making it extra long has become a great trend that gives the chic vibe. The extra long  trending wigs hair look has been seen in the met gala looks and red carpets. More and more people are bringing this trend to life to see who makes it longer!

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