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How Elijah Wanameme Lived

In many colonized countries, there are a lot of great leaders, pre and post colonial period. Many of these leaders are still celebrated to this day, as their lives are an inspiration to many people.

As a political activist and a resistant leader, Elijah Wanameme is one such leader in the Bukusu community. He had frequent arrests and was constantly in trouble with the then colonial government. Elijah’s last wife, Gladys Nanjala confirmed that he was able to change his physical appearance to confuse the colonial raiders. At times, he could be masculine or thin, and sometimes he could be young or much older. He constantly used this trick to hide and it saved him a lot of times. At other times, however, he was not so lucky as they could find him sitting under the shade of his favorite tree in his home.

Before he died, Elijah chose where exactly he could be buried and that was far away from his homestead. This was after a sycamore tree had been uprooted so that his final resting place could be made. The kinsmen ignored the information considering it perhaps a tedious job and so they decided to make another grave beside the tree. Eventually, they ended up digging out the long buried corpse. They had no other option but do as the deceased had wished.

After Elijah Wanameme Death

Elijah’s elder son who believes that he had inherited his father’s medicinal skills says that he stopped the rain during the burial day. This is a mystery that is yet to be solved as during the burial, the rain poured heavily in the neighborhood but not at the burial site.

Adding to other wonders of Elijah Wanameme, he had a shrine in his home. The shrine was round shaped and had two doors in each opposite side. The doors served as entry points and exits for the two distinct genders (men and women).

Up to this day, this shrine is still there except for the few changes. Instead of the thatched roof, it has been replaced with iron sheets and the mud walls replaced with permanent bricks and mortar walls. At the center of the shrine, there is an altar that is with the holy paraphernalia. The altar is supported with a poll that was erected by the legend himself.

Women experiencing monthly periods and those people who have made love the previous night were and are still advised not to enter the shrine. This is because they are considered impure and therefore should not be allowed in a holy place.

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