September 27, 2022

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How To Apply And Get A Kenyan Passport

There is a variety of opportunities outside of the country. Whether it is a study or work opportunity one does require a passport to travel. Acquiring a Kenyan passport is an easy process provided one follows the right path. It may take longer for some to get it but it’s a worthwhile document for those who want to explore. Follow the Following steps to apply for a passport.

1.Gather the Necessary Documents and Cash. You will require your Kenyan National ID, birth certificate, parents national ID cards and your referee National ID. All these should be in copy and original. There are many variations for the passport you may require. The standard one costs Ksh4550.

2.Register on

3.Under the Department of Immigration services, click on the passport application form.

3.Fill the application form taking careful consideration to the instructions.

4.Select your mode of payment and pay the required fee. This varies depending on the type you want.

5.Submit the form and book an appointment for when to take your biometrics. The booking centers are in Kisumu, Nakuru, Kisii and Nairobi.

6.On your appointments carry the documents. The biometrics will be taken and you’ll await your passport.

7.When your passport arrives, you’ll pay a small fee at the parcel station to get it.

The process has been made easier unlike early on. Documents had to be submitted at the office and it was a long and tiresome process. Depending on the prevailing conditions, you can take 2 weeks- 6 months to get it.

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