May 7, 2021

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Social media influencer apps Kenya

How To Become a Social Media Influencer in Kenya, Tips, Tricks, Apps

In this growing era of social media marketing, we all have the urge to be part of it. Content creators in Kenya earn thousands of shillings by simply marketing brands on their social media platforms! Businesses have started embracing the digital way of marketing and many are choosing to do so through social media influencers. Becoming and earning as a social media influencer may just give you the financial freedom you are seeking.

Joy Kendi influencing
Kenyan influencer, Joy Kendi

So how does one become a social media influencer in Kenya? I mean where do you even start from? In this article I will give you a few tips and tricks of making it in the social media influencing scenes in the country.

How Do I start as a Social Media Influencer

    1 . Pick a Niche

You want brands to know and recognize you for something specific. Are you good in fashion content, politics or lifestyle? There are so many topics and niches you can choose to concentrate on.

  1. Grow Your Brand/Audience

After picking your focus area, the next step will be getting recognition and growing yourself to your audience. Your profile needs to stand out. There are thousands of content creators in Kenya, what makes you stand out from the rest?

Becoming a social media influencer in Kenya

You should know your audience through the tools provided by platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. By knowing your audience, you can easily create content which keeps them interested and following. Remember always, It’s quality over quantity, your content should be rich and resonating with your niche and audience in general. Advertisers want to know that they can trust you to promote their brand to your audience.

Keep your audience engaged. It may sound like a lot of work, which it is, but the fruits are sweet.

  1. Consistency

You got your audience, your content quality is great now what? Keep doing just that. I cannot emphasize on this enough. You have to keep your audience interested in what you are doing. Keep them anticipating. You can post maybe twice or thrice a week, just find a system that works for you.

Getting Social Media Influencer Gigs in Kenya

In most times, if your content is great, brands will definitely approach you to work with them. In which case Yaay. However, sometimes you may need to follow the methods provided below.

A. Sending Proposals

This is the most effective way that can work for you as an influencer. Send proposals to brands. Tell them your skills and how you will be an asset to their Company. Do not concentrate so much on you but rather what you are bringing to the table.

Send as many as you can and be professional.

B. Apps For Becoming a Social Media Influencer In Kenya

There are a few apps in Kenya which provide gigs for influencing and the best rated and most trusted is Wowzi. Wowzi was founded by Hassan Bashir, Brian Mogeni and Mike Otieno in late 2018.

One can become an influencer with just 250 followers on their platforms! How amazing is that. Wowzi allows advertisers to work with a certain demographic of influencers. That means if an advertiser wants teachers to advertise the brand, he/she can choose that while setting up the campaign!

The influencers are categorized and paid according to the number of followers. You can download the app through the Google Playstore

Social media influencer apps Kenya

Download the app through:

 Does Wowzi Pay? Is Wowzi Legit?

The short answer, Yes! Long answer, definitely yes! Wowzi require you to create good quality content in order to get more campaigns and if the advertiser chooses to work with you, you’ll definitely be paid after completing the tasks

So are you ready to become an influencer? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on this in the comment section below. For enquiries and more, contact me through

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