January 31, 2023

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Making an appointment to meet president Uhuru

How to Meet The President in Kenya

Kenyans always faced with various problems in their day to day lives. While most of the problems can easily be solved, some may require you to have a chat with the boss of the country president Uhuru Kenyatta. Just the other day, a Kenyan youth requested to meet the president via phone call much to the awe of many other Kenyans with others envying her opportunity and courage. But the question is how does a normal Kenyan get to meet the President of the republic of Kenya?

Making an appointment to meet president Uhuru

The former senior Director of Innovation and Digital Communications at the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit, Dennis Itumbi, revealed that in one of his question and answer sessions when he was still in office. Through his Facebook account, one of his fans asked on how he could meet and shake hands with the president. Itumbi recommended that for one needs to make a formal request with the head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua. Joseph also served as the President’s chief of staff.

Further Details on Joseph Kinyua

The 67 year old is one of kenya’s oldest serving civil servants. His closeness with Uhuru started when the latter served as Finance minister and he served as the Permanent secretary Finace during the Kibaki regime. He is currently the head of Public service and one of Uhuru’s most trusted employees. His other roles include co-ordinating ministries and departments and taking instructions directly from the president. Joseph’s position as the chief of staff is currently occupied by Nzioka Waita.

How to Meet The President in Kenya 2

Other Ways of Meeting the President

Here are other ways of how to meet the president in Kenya

how to meet the president in kenya

While making an appointment through the head of public service may work, the results may not be guaranteed and the wait list is probably too long. Other ways may include making the request through platforms like Twitter or doing something exemplary that will call for a state commendation.

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