January 31, 2023

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“Hustler Nation Will Not Be Threatened!” Ruto Claps Back at Raila

Politics in the country has become hotter in the recent weeks especially between Ruto and other political leaders that are against his political ideologies and leadership. This has seen bitter and abusive exchanges recently between Ruto’s allies and the opposition. Recent events have also seen a fallout between the president and his deputy.

Well, BBI politics is back and hitting hard. Ruto has openly declared his resistance to the BBI report and they got the name Tanga Tanga Team before the pandemic started. This saw a lot of political activities being stopped. ODM party leader recently revealed that the BBI report will be unleashed.

He further clapped back at Ruto and his team calling them the enemies of progress. He added that by opposing the BBI, they were opposing change and development in Kenya and that despite their opposition BBI will continue as planned. his message also said that such people do not have conscience, ideologies and principles to stand up for.

The Deputy president in vicious tweets which are suspected to be directed at Raila told him to stop using intimidation and threats. The Deputy president said that he will oppose changes to the new constitution if they are aimed at recommending BBI. His message was that they won’t threaten anyone and they should engage the whole hustler nation.

A rough political battle is soon expected to hit the country over this as both sides stand on their ground. The two are also expected to be presidential competitors in the 2022 candidature although it is not official but activities point in that direction.


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