February 22, 2024

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“I Am Ready For A DNA Test”, Kenyan Guy Claims Mbosso is His Father

Mbosso is a Tanzanian bongo singer whose music is so popular in the East African community. He is rarely involved in scandal and doesn’t have any known children. In recent events, a young Kenyan man has come forward to claim that he is his son. The young man by the name Omar, started receiving compliments on how he looked like the singer. People started referring to him using Mbosso’s name. He is now insisting that he is his son and is even ready to take a DNA test.

Omar Mohammad studies in Kitui but is from Nairobi County. His argument is that it highly likely just because of the resemblance between them. Further, he insists that he has a singing talent which he inherited from him. All this started when he was in class seven and other students could refer to him as the musician. He didn’t know who he was so he went on to search and found out his popularity.

Mbosso was in the past alleged to have two wives which fuels this claim further. Omar finds it hard to ask his mother about the matter and hasn’t done so yet. Previously, he has shown his mother videos and pictures of Mbosso to observe her reaction.

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