December 7, 2023

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Anne Waiguru Mansion

Inside Anne Waiguru ‘s Multimillion Mansion

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is a force to reckon with in the politics scenes in Kenya. She is one of the few female Governors in the country. Apart from her politics life, Anne Waiguru is admired by many because of her beauty and eloquence. The phenomenala woman was born on 16th April 1971. This means that today, April 16th 2021, Anne Waiguru is turning 50 years old. Anne Waiguru has managed to amass a huge amount of wealth in order to live comfortably. One of her great assets is luxurious mansion worth millions.

Anne Waiguru Mansion

The mansion is located in the leafy suburbs of Kitisuru, a posh neighborhood. This is near the International School of Kenya, one of the most expensive ranked schools in Africa.  The mansion is a two storey building with white and brown colours which matches other houses in the Kihingo Village. People first knew about the house when it was raided by officers from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission. This was when Anne Waiguru was the Cabinet Secretary. Her lawyer at the time revealed that she was still paying mortgage after questions were raised.

The compound of the County boss is very well manicured and has a water fountain. There is also a luxurious swimming pool. The compound is also dotted with very expensive gazebos.

All the houses in Kihingo development have an all round CCtV coverage, a pool, Jacuzzi, Steam gym, Sauna children’s background, Tennis Court, Lounge, Bar and meeting room just to mention a few.

Kihingo Village Kitisuru

Anne Waiguru Mansions

In a past interview with Jeff Koinange, Waiguru admitted owning many properties in Kenya including the house in Kitisuru. She also revealed that she has another house in Runda, one she owned before she even joined the government.  She also has other property which she rents out including one at Mlolongo.

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