May 27, 2024

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Is Modern Feminism Really About Women Empowerment?

It is a fact that women have been fighting for centuries for freedom and a chance to express themselves. Although significant steps have been made towards this cause, there is still a long way to go for women to finally have the equality they have been longing for. For each century and decade, there has been a particular fight against something related to women empowerment.

Older feminists fought for women to be able to work, vote and even get an education. Which brings up the question, what is modern feminism really about? Is it a women empowerment movement or some women hiding behind “feminism” as a façade for other causes? Don’t get me wrong, this is not to take away from all the amazing women fighting for fellow women out there. It is going back to the roots of why feminism really began and what it has turned into.

What Really Is Feminism All About?

Generally, feminism is a chance for women to fight for equal opportunities and rights as their male counterparts. It is an opportunity to speak up against injustices on women and encourage respect of all women no matter the race or identity.

Why Modern Feminism Is not A Representation of General Feminism

Overtime, feminism has been reconstructed into something different. It has become a representation of everything bad and something people, especially many women do not want to be associated with. This is not to mean that there aren’t women who are fighting for their rights and equality as they are required to. It just means there has been a representation of feminists in a more “bad” light.

There are still many stereotypes and harassment of women in the modern day, but is that what is being fought for? One way to always fight stereotypes and other forms of inequality is to become the opposite of what they want. In short, you need to be the woman you preach and prove why they are wrong.


I feel like the representation has become more of a hate movement towards men and everyone who agrees with them, whether once or sometimes. Instead of empowerment, it has become more of “men this and men that”. This movement is a way to destroy men by all means possible, this includes false allegations, among other crazy things I have seen. It is supporting of women, even the ones that are blatantly wrong and siding with them, which is nothing about what equality should be.

Modern day women have fallen back to a trap, the same trap they’ve been fighting for years. It is a concern of how the same patriarchal system perceives them and that they should care about their feelings. It is true though, they should care about women’s feelings. But forcing your opinions on people has never worked and never will. Not everyone will truly ever agree with you and making a storm of tweets and posts without action is not really doing much.

It is really impossible for everyone to coexist without injustices and without oppression. This is why you really cannot expect everyone to see your point of view and make it all about you most of the time.

I have seen instances of a lot of feminists agreeing with someone who was lied on a man as a movement of “support all women. This includes very serious cases like sexual assault and some groups encourage women to do that. This has built a kind of another hate movement instead of the intended support women movement.

Not Your Mama

I agree with this aspect for the most part. Household chores and other things should not be gender specific, nor should men expect women to do everything for them. You have probably seen a lot of social media posts about the “feminists” talking about not doing ANYTHING for their man. That means not even getting a glass of water or showing affection in a way. Which brings about the question, where do we draw the line at this? That women should not do anything household related at all? The arguments are getting sillier and less important as time goes which is really not what empowerment is about.

Sexual Empowerment

While this is one of the best things to also happen to women, it is also one of the worst. It has encouraged women to be comfortable in their skin and be confident too. But there are other forms of this representation that encourage other things I don’t perceive to be true. It is more of a rebellion towards men that women can do what they want.

But how are the men really losing when they don’t have to wife you or be in a relationship with you to access your most intimate self? Is it really empowerment when they are on the gaining end of things? It is not liberation when the same misogynist men and people largely gain from your form of freedom.


Is it really feminism when other people of color or people who identify with women are excluded out of things? There is still a large gap between women of color and other women and this is also represented in this movement.

Final Thoughts on Modern Feminism

Shouldn’t modern feminism be less about the men, the hate and the feelings and more about equality and women. Patriarchy is still exists and the system itself is unjust towards them, hence why our energy should be more on helping and protecting these women and less about other less important things.

NOTE: The views expressed here are purely my own and do not reflect the whole blog

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