December 7, 2023

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Is There Need For Everyone To Learn Computer?

Many at times people ask themselves if it is important to know how a computer works. At most times those students who complete kenya certificate of secondary education ask themselves if it is of any need for them to do a course in computer packages. Basing on the research I carried out I found it important for each and every individual to atleast know how a computer works due to the following reasons.

People who know how to use computers have an added advantage when it comes to job applications. At many times many companies and parastatals have advertised many jobs and one of the requirements is that one should be computer literate. For the people who have done computers packages or simply a computer course they have an advantage. The companies usually need people who know how to use computers because in many offices there is the use of computers.

People who know how to use computers save on time. In the work place when people are given tasks to do and they know how to use the computers it is relatively very fast to achieve the goal.

For instance let’ s take an example of a business where the worker has been told to prepare the balance sheet for the entire financial year. If the worker knows how to use the computers then he or she can easily prepare them by using either the microsoft excel or the the balance sheet software which is available on the computer.

When one has the knowledge on how to use a computer then he or she will have reduced paper work. The person can save all the documents in the computer and whenever they are need then he or she can get them from the computer.

People who know how to use computers never strain so much to do calculations. Take for example a teacher who needs to prepare the results for the whole school and has got no the knowledge of how to use the computers. The teacher will have to strain so much taking some days for him or her to be able to prepare the results. The teacher who has the knowledge of computer will prepare the results very fast and they will be clear using the microsoft excel application on the computer.

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