December 2, 2022

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Isiolo county suffer drought and tough hunger!

After several counties in Kenya falling under the drought disaster, the president of Kenya announced it to being a national disaster.

Who are suffering?

If it comes to answering this general question among others, it’s better we specify who and not hide. Well; isiolo county now goes through severe drought where it gives a lead to knowing what residents have to say.

Catching up with  Susan Longoricho, 92, from Kambi Garba village in Isiolo says that she has not eaten for two days!

The 92 year old at her kitchen.

How sorry that sounds when she holds her walking stick and says that she begs for food.

To help cover water shortage a bore hole in Shambani, a neighbouring village, helps provide water for drinking and livestock.

The borehole also benefits residents of Attir, Alamach, Lotiki and Esimit.

Speaking with another resident, a lady says that:“I walk one kilometre to fetch water from the borehole daily!”

Imagining of walking a whole kilometer and lacking the water is an added disaster!

Photo of residents at the borehole.
The Borehole which acts as water source in the area.
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