September 17, 2023

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Kenyan Celebrities With Long Lasting Marriages

The dating pool is one of the most chaotic spaces, let alone marriage. There has been a rise in divorces, in recent years which is more than a clear indication that marriages do not last as long anymore. This is especially worse in celebrities who marriages are known to last a very short time. Some of their marriages have lasted as short as 6 hours which never comes as a surprise.

Even with all this, there are still several celebrity love birds who are still together after years of marriage. These are the love birds who are still going strong in their marriage which is something to be desired. Below are some Kenyan celebrities with long lasting marriages.

Njugush and Cele

This is one of the best power couples in Kenya who are open about how their marriage works. The two have a son with whom they’ve shared their marriage journey. They share majority of these marriage and life stories through their stand up comedy show on you tube. What’s even better about their dynamic is their lack of controversy. The happy couple is always displaying happy and healthy vibes.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Since the two lovebirds are public figures, most of their private marriage life is always online. Gospel singer Size 8 spoke up for the first time about the number of times her marriage was on the rocks. The mother of two said she and her husband used to fight and disagree a lot during the first years of marriage.

This, unfortunately, was accelerated by the miscarriage which caused the death of their child. She shared how tough it was for them and even said how such things can break a home. Fortunately after this tough journey, she conceived again and bore her son muraya jnr.

Apart from that there have been many other scandals of DJ Mo cheating and size 8 has stayed through it. She claimed she once slapped her better half after scrolling through his phone. The songstress even threw him out of the house during a fit of rage. They stayed together when none of them had money and want to maintain the same dynamic. Dj Mo has been exposed several times for cheating on his wife although this has not deterred their marriage in any way.

Milly Chebby and Terence

Terence creative is known for his great comedy videos on Instagram. They may look like couple goals but they have also had their fare share of rough patches. Milly Chebby shared in her YouTube of her they lost pregnancies before they finally got their daughter Milla. Terrence also cheated and it was a whole scandal but they managed to get through it and he publicly apologized.

Milly And Kabi WaJesus

They are one of the most popular celebrity religious couple in Kenya. The Wajesus family is known for blasting their whole life online and have also faced a few scandals. Even with the many scandals and other challenges, the Wajesus family is still going strong years later. They are one of the Kenyan celebrities with long lasting marriages.

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