January 31, 2023

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Lessons From The Bukusu Ogre Narrative

From different cultures and traditions, there are a lot of tales that are passed down from generation to generation. Some are scary tales and some are fun puns to engage people in the community. One of the most common stories told in almost all cultures is the ogre stories. The majority of ogre narratives are cautionary tales with a learning lesson.

Similarly, the Bukusu Ogre narratives are used for learning. They teach the society on the proper habits that should be upheld. At the same time, they give examples of undesirable traits portrayed by an ogre.

In many of the ogre narratives, they depict superhuman powers and very malicious traits. These undesirable traits are used as a learning tool especially for the kids. They for instance, are given the power to turn in to anything it wishes to with a bonus of man eating traits. The ogres normally live with human beings and sometimes the entire society is aware of its existence but are unable to recognize it.

The Bukusu Ogre Narrative

In the story of Lemata and Katamba, it is evident that the Bukusus values generosity and disregards selfishness. A tragedy befalls the community when the ogre runs away with Katamba’s spear. His friend, Lemata is forced to embark on a dangerous journey to get back this friends spear. This shows a great aspect of unity in the community.

There is an aspect of selfishness when Katamba insists that he won’t accept any other spear if not the one he gave to Lemata.

The story also touches on the deception of men to beauty. Lemata is attracted to the ogre and was ready to take it as a wife. The story here aims at dismissing the trait of lust that men are usually fall in love without cautions. Lemata puts all his trust to the stranger and accepts to chain  his fierce dogs, he even fails to question her when indeed it was a trap.

Courage is greatly valued the most by the Bukusu community. A man is defined by a courage act he has ever done. When Lemata chops off the ogre’s tail, his son is able to brag in respect to his deeds.

The most used style of writing in this ogre narrative genre is the use of personification. In this case, the ogre is given the ability of imitating human traits and therefore fitting in as one of them. In the case of Lemata and Katambas story the ogre is able to turn into a beautiful woman and indeed behave exactly like one.

The Bukusu ogre narrative teaches has a lot of lessons that were used and still are used as learning tools. This narrative in particular shares a great tale of courage, selflessness and bravery, which are core values.

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