February 28, 2024

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Lessons On How To Be An Overcomer In Life

There is a story of three friends who had passed through so many challenges. Life had hit them so hard to the extent of giving up. In the course of their lives, an idea popped in one of the friends and he thought; “All these challenges we are passing through could be because of the devil attacking us by putting an evil curse on us.” After sharing the thought with his friends, they all agreed to a plan. They will start looking for the devil and strike him unawares and kill him and then the curse will be done away with.

They planned to set off for a journey to look for the devil. The journey would take them 3 days; so, they thought. Now it happened that as they traveled, the journey took longer than expected without even finding a clue of where the devil lived. The friends became so hungry and tired. They wished if only they can get some money, they would buy some food and continue with their journey. Coincidently, their wish came true. As they passed in one of the towns, they saw a parcel wrapped so properly and it got their attention to check it out. On opening it they saw a lot of money inside. What a joy that filled the hearts of these three friends.

Now their problem of hunger was sorted out and one of them who happened to be the stronger suggested he will take some money and rush to the nearby town and buy some food. The other two friends agreed to the idea since they were so tired. The other stronger friend went to the nearby town to buy food while leaving the other two friends with the other balance.

Remember these friends were out there looking for the devil so that they can kill him.  On reaching the town the stronger friend bought some food and then another thought came to his mind. He thought, “I will poison this food and then take it to the other two friends. And when they die, I will be able to take all the money by myself.” The idea seemed a ‘good’ one and he did so. He bought poison with the remaining balance and poisoned the food.

The other two friends, now so tired and pressed by hunger also had an idea. They thought since the other stronger friend is coming back, they will attack him as he comes and kill him so that they too can have all the money by themselves.

As the stronger friend approached where they were with the poisoned food, the two friends hid and attacked the stronger friend from behind killing him. They took the food he had bought and ate it. You can imagine what happened. The two friends too died.

The story is a clear illustration that you cannot kill evil but you can only overcome it by resisting the evil thoughts that the devil may bring into your mind. The devil loves to attack our thoughts by bringing evil thoughts in us. Sometimes we may confuse it with our own thoughts but we need to clearly re-examine the thoughts.

Our thoughts will form our actions; our actions will form our character while our character will form the basis of our destiny. Change the way you think and you will change your life for the better. As a man thinketh, so he is.

Defeating the devil is only through meditating on what God says about you as this will form the basis of your thoughts. The moment you submit to God, and then resist the devil, what he does is he will flee away from you.

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