June 17, 2021

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Maina Kageni Biography, Age, Education, Salary, House, Family, Wife

Maina Kageni is one of the most renowned radio hosts in Kenya. His work in the media industry has made him one of the most sought after presenters and hosts in the country.


Maina was born on 29th January 1974. He is 46 years old as of 2020.

Maina Kageni Family

Maina’s mother, Rahab Wangui, is one of his greatest inspirations to work hard. Maina Kageni disclosed in a past interview that his father died when he was two years old. The radio presenter has two siblings and is nephew to S.K Macharia, CEO Royal Media Services.


Kageni went to Westlands Primary School and later attended Laser Hill Academy for his secondary education. Growing up, he wanted to pursue law as a career. He was then sent to the United Kingdom to go on with his education. However, he opted not to get the degree.

His family and most of his friends did not know of his decision to drop out. He joined a Chinese firm and worked as a driver. His mother only came to find out after she went for the graduation. She was infuriated and told him to never come to Nairobi.


Despite not having a degree, Maina’s career has been a huge success. After his mother left the UK angry, he came back to Kenya and luck was on his side. He landed a job first at Radio Africa then later went to Nation FM.

Maina Kageni later joined 105 Classic Radio where he has worked up to date. He currently hosts one of the mostly popular morning radio shows alongside comedian Mwalimu King’ang’I popularly known as Churchill. Apart from his job as a host, Maina has ventured into other hustles including; emceeing, real estate, writing for magazines and social media where he has massive following.

Love Life and Kids

At one time, rumors emerged that Maina Kageni was gay. This is because he is over forty years and no one has ever linked him to be seriously involved with a woman. He, however, laughed at these claims saying he is not gay. He revealed that his first love was called Anne but they broke up.

Maina Kageni wife and Kids

In 2015, he posted a photo of a woman with two kids and people assumed her to be his wife and children. They have never been heard of since that post but people still say that he has a daughter. Funny enough, no one has ever seen her and no one knows where it started from.

Salary and House

He is one of the best paid media personalities with an estimated earnings of 1.8M-2.1M per month. This has made him accumulate a lot of wealth. Maina Kageni lives in a posh residence in Karen estate in Nairobi County. He always owns several cars valued at millions of shillings.

Maina Kageni house

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