May 7, 2021

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Mama stella Machachari

Mama Stella Machachari Cries for Help After Contracting Incurable Disease

Actress Clara Wamaitha, known by many as Cindy or mama Stella Machachari is a phenomenal woman who has graced the Kenyan screens for many years. Clara is popularly known for her role in Machachari, a drama series which used to be aired on Citizen TV. The actress has come out to plead with Kenyans to help her find treatment for a disease she has been suffering from for quite a while.

Cyndy Machachari

Mama Stella Machachari Condition

Clara is suffering from a skin condition known as Vitiligo. This is a condition which makes the skin to have patches of white. According to her, she noted the condition after she left Machachari and this made her go into depression. She also revealed that she was so busy with shooting content for TV series Machchari that she did not notice her skin changing.

Mama stella Machachari

Mama Stella Machachari is a proud mother of two. She gives thanks to her children who have been of great help to her. Cindy asks Kenyans of goodwill to help her as she has spent most of her money in different hospitals in the country.

What causes Vitiligo?

This condition is caused by lack of melanin, which is a pigment produced by skin cells. It is a skin condition affecting about 1% of the world’s population. Triggers include genetics, sunburn, stress and chemical exposure. This information is according to information available online.

Is Vitiligo Curable?

Unfortunately the disease is not curable. However, Treatment will improve the general appearance of the skin. One needs to avoid long exposure to the sun among other measures. However, despite everything, the disease is not dangerous and can be managed by the person who has it.

We all wish the actress Clara Wamaitha well as she seeks medication for the condition. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this below.

Watch the video of Mama Stella Machachari here: YouTube

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