December 7, 2023

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Marketable C Plain Courses in Kenya, 2023

Although with a C plain a student cannot directly proceed to the university, it doesn’t mean they cannot find great courses. This includes diploma courses or a parallel course in various universities and colleges all over the country. Below are some great courses a student is able to take with a C plain grade.

1.Diploma in Software Engineering

It’s no secret that the world is heading towards a technological aspect in almost every sector. This means that coding and programming are and will still be one of the most marketable courses in the country. Thus, getting a diploma in software engineering is just as beneficial as a degree.


  • A minimum of C- in languages
  • A minimum of C plain in Mathematics

2.Health and Nutrition

This diploma course is offered in several public and private universities in Kenya. It is also very marketable as someone can work in a lot of sectors including schools and hospitals.


  • A minimum of C plain
  • A C plain in the major sciences i.e. Biology and Chemistry
  • A C plain in Home Science

3.Hospitality Management and Hospitality

This course focuses on the maintenance and servicing of high-end restaurants and hospitals and even homes. It is a great course for those interested in working in the hospitality sector.


  • A C- in either one of the language subjects, English or Kiswahili
  • A C- in either Home science or Physical Sciences

4.Electrical and Electronic Engineering

With enough skills an engineering course is always very marketable and one can also be self employed with the right skills. One can work in various companies like KPLC, Safaricom and all other telecommunication companies


  • C- in Mathematics and Physics

5.KMTC- Pharmacy Kenya Medical Training College

There are a lot of KMTC institutions all over the country that provide amazing learning materials. Nursing is also one of the most marketable courses not only in Kenya but also abroad. One can also get the right skills in the pharmaceutical field.


  • Different institutions may have varying requirements although the minimum grade is C- and above

6.Estate Agency and Property Management

Real estate has always been one of the most thriving industries and is always demanding for more people with expertise.


  • C plain in Mathematics and English

7.Quantity Surveying

This industry not only has thriving companies but it also offers room for self-employment to graduates. The course is offered in various universities including major ones like JKUAT.


  • C plain in English
  • A C+ in Mathematics
  • C plain in either physics or Chemistry
  • 8.Communication and Media Studies

The media field has always been one with massive competition and is rapidly increasing each year. With a media certificate or degree one can work in radio, TV, newspaper companies, online media companies and social platforms.


  • C- in social subjects, Geography and History
  • C plain subject languages, English and Kiswahili

Best and Marketable C- Courses in Kenya, 2023

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