January 31, 2023

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Meet 4 Powerful KDF Special Units Who Can Finish Laikipia Bandits Completely (Photos)

Insecurity in Laikipia has been on the spot in the past few days. Many Kenyans are asking the government to deploy the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) to complete the insecurity in the region. Insecurity rate and crime has become a regular thing even in the surrounding areas. 

According to reports the bandits in the area are equipped with sophisticated weapons and they have given the local police a hard time getting rid of them. The KDF are, however, equipped with powerful artillery which can destroy the bandits.

Below are some of the most lethal units in the KDF that should be deployed in Laikipia.

Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Unit

This is one of the toughest highest trained KDF units. Soldiers in this unit are among the best-trained in the army, as they carry out demanding and dangerous operations. These operations include acquiring intelligence behind enemy lines. They are among the KDF troops dispatched to Somalia to fight the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. The LSR’s goal is to hunt down and identify enemy encampments for bombardment or special strikes.

Rapid Deployment Squadron (RDS)

It’s one of the Kenya Air Force’s few special forces units. Special forces commandos in this unit train alongside US Air Force commandos, at Laikipia Air Base Nanyuki. The majority of its tasks are unknown. There are rumors, however, that they rescues kidnapped soldiers.

20th Airborne Special Ops Group

This unit is based in Gilgil, Nakuru County. It is duped as the “air force” of the Kenyan army. The majority of Kenyans were unaware of it until journalists were allowed into their barracks to document its success. This unit was among the units that took over Kisamayu from Al-Shabaab militants.

40th Ranger Strike Force (40RSF)

This unit is one of the best-trained units in warfare. These commandos are commonly referred to as rangers as they are trained by elite US Ranger Regiment commandos. They are rarely deployed in mission and when they do, they MUST succeed. Before they are deployed they are provided with information about power and water connection in the area of operation. They are added with additional information crops grown in the area, the economy of the area, roads and local politics.

The above units can finish the Laikipia bandits in a matter of days if given permission by the Goverment.

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