February 28, 2024

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Meet Arsenal Player who owns a club

Hector Bellerin follows the steps of Eden Hazard, David Beckham and the class of 98′ in owning a football club. He is the second biggest shareholder at Forest Green Rovers, recognized as the world’s greenest football club.


The Arsenal defender, who is a vegan, started gaining interest in the club when he first played them and he was mainly interested with its work. The club has focused on sustainability, installing solar panels, using a solar-powered robot grass mower and creating an organic pitch. This is what attracted the attention of the player and he wanted to become part of it, he feels that the team has already had plenty of solutions to the modern world problems.

The management of the team says they are glad to work with the Arsenal’s player, they like his approach, his personal journey and the things he wants to do for the club, which for them makes sense.

Bellerin feels at home being on the vegan team ane he is also happy working with the management, sharing interests and the wider agenda of the club.

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