February 24, 2024

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Embarambamba wife

Meet Embarambamba ‘s Beautiful Wife and Children

Christopher Mosioma, popularly known as Embarambamba is a Kisii artist. He is known for his dramatic antics which have made him famous in Kenya. His energy is on a whole other level and some of the things he does leave many shocked if not horrified.


Christopher Mosioma has been in the music industry for years but he rose to fame after former President Moi noticed him in a previous visit. His big break came in 2021 after videos of him dancing and doing crazy things went viral. Some of his popular songs include Engiti, Amasomo and Chisimi.

Embarambamba wife

In an interview with the Trend, Embarambamba confessed that he does that so that he can raise money to provide for himself and his family. This prompted the Kenya Films and Classification Board Chairman, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua to invite him for help. However he said in order to help him, Embarambamba needed to stop some of his crazy antics. He termed them embarrassing.

Far from his drama and stunts, Embarambamba is a proud husband and father to 5 adorable children. Photos with his family show a very calm man which is very contrary to his videos. In a past interview, the Kisii artist disclosed that his wife washes the clothes he dirtifies in shows and gigs. Will his children follow in his path? You can check out some of the photos of Embarambamba’s family.

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