February 26, 2024

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Meet The President Who Mocked God and Died

God has always been more powerful than any president and politicians. Human nature has always been believing in unseen but powerful beings who control the daily events among other awesome things in the universe. God has always been believed to be a powerful supernatural thing capable of so many things hence the reason religion exists. For most people, he is above human nature and everything in the universe. He is powerful and can take down anybody who mocks His name.


This has been proved as one president mocked God during his campaign and election period did not even get to spend two months in office. The late Tancredo Naves is the former president of Brazil who spent only 39 days in office. Tancredo started campaigning for his election in 1984. He was being helped by Gurmaraes Ulysses to run for presidency.

He clearly stated and boasted during those campaigns that once he got enough votes which were 500,000 and got elected into office, not even God himself would remove him from his seat. The elections went well and were in favor of him. He won by a large number of votes.

President Death

As fate would have it, he fell ill a day after his inauguration which was on January 15th 1985 where he won by electoral voting. The illness went on for a month and he did not get to enjoy his seat. He finally died exactly 39 days after his inauguration, something that was both sad and shocking to many.

He was and is indeed an important statesman in Brazil. The late Neves was awarded the Grand Cross of Value and Loyalty merit by the military. It is evident that God is a power beyond human understanding that should be respected. These supernatural biengs are beyond human beings’ understanding.


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