April 14, 2024

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Men Are Unable to Resist My Beauty: Photos of Aden Duale’s Alleged Hot Ex Nazlin Umar

Aden Bare Duale is one of the most popular politician and a former Majority leader for the National Assembly of Kenya. He is still the Member of Parliament for Garissa Township and a member of the Jubilee Party. Former Majority leader’s ex, Nazlin Umar has in the past made surprising remarks.

Less, however, is known about the MP’s wife who is not actively involved in politics or any other public thing. Farida Duale is the daughter of former chief of general staff Mohamud Mohammed and was married to Aden Duale. The two have are blessed with sons.

She is a serious businesswoman who has most of her businesses based in Nairobi City. Farida handles most of the family assets and sometimes appears in political rallies for her husband. What most people do not know of, however, is Aden’s alleged ex.

Aden Duale and Nazlin Umar

She is a former presidential candidate named Nazlin Umar who keeps saying that Duale is stalking her. Nazlin says that men have been unable to resist her beauty for a long time. The pretty lady told Duale to tell people the truth about their relationship and why he keeps coming after her.

Nazlin Umar has further insisted in the past that a lot of ladies are jealous of her because powerful politicians like Duale go after her. Most of these women, she adds are very young and her beauty intimidates them.

Their relationship came out into the open in 2017 after someone leaked an audio of the two exchanging romance. Nazlin Umar was married before to hence got a lot of criticism from the public. She, however, fired back saying she can remarry if she wants and she has nothing to hide about her and Duale.


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