December 7, 2023

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Most Improved Schools KCPE 2022

Education CS together with other government officials gathered at Mtihani House to announce the KCPE 2022 results a few days ago. The candidates performed extremely well than last year. Top candidate scooped 428 marks with fourteen other students tying in the top 10. George Magoha commended the students and also some schools which had shown tremendous improvement. Below are the schools that improved significantly in the KCPE exams.

1.Kambi ya Waya Primary School (Coast) – It recorded a mean score of 266 in 2021 KCPE from 203 marks in 2020.

2.Njenga Karume Primary School – (Central region) This year it had a 248-mean score in 2020 which is an improvement from 207 marks mean score in last year’s KCPE

3.Ngukuini Primary School – (Eastern) recorded a mean score of 250 marks in 2021 KCPE against 165 in 2020.

4.Cheleta Primary School – (Nairobi County) got 263 marks as the mean score from the last year’s 213 marks in KCPE.

5.Lenkishon Primary School – (Rift Valley) which had 272 marks mean score in 2021. Previously, it had a mean          score of 198 marks.

6.Western – Kewa DEB Primary School – posted a mean score of 284 marks in this year’s exam compared to 216 marks last year.

7.Nyangiti Primary School (Nyanza) – got a mean score of 232 marks against 170 in 2020.

8.Mandera DEB Primary School – (North Eastern) mean score of 2021 is 270 and 181 in 2020.

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