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Ruger Biography, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Eye Patch, Net Worth and More

Michael Adebayo Olayinka AKA Ruger is a popular Nigerian musician. He is also a songwriter and is known for his signature one eye and catchy music. Ruger is currently signed to Jonzing World Records where he has released his recent music.

Ruger Age

He was born on 23rd September 1999.

Family and Background

Michael was born in Kogi state and spent majority of his life in Lagos. He is the only son in his family and has several sisters who’s information remains private.


He attended Primary School and Highschool in Lagos although the exact names are unknown to the Public. Currently, he is rumored to be a university student in Lagos although it has not been confirmed.

Musical Career

Michael had an interest in music from a very early age and was a member of the school music band as well as his church choir. He composed music and wrote songs for events and functions in school. His Ruger was then discovered by D’Prince who signed him to Jonzing Records, something that was announced in January 2021. His stage name used to be Mikki Drey before it was changed to Ruger. In February 2021, his song “One Shirt” with Remma was released and he received some recognition from the public.

Later that month, Ruger released an EP called the PANDEMIC which furthered the public interest in him. In November 2021, he released his second project called “The Second Wave”. His song “Bounce” went viral and earned him his mainstream success as it topped teh charts in Nigeria and internationally. The success of this song and his second EP earned him his first tour called the Rugged Tour and he went international with his music. He had several sold out shows internationally hence solidified his space in the mainstream space. His sexually explicit lyrics and unique style and melody has seen him rise internationally as a musical star.

Ruger Girlfriend

Although there have been several rumors about his dating life, Ruger is yet to come public about his relationship or his girlfriend. He has been rumored to be dating actress Susan Pwajok although its unconfirmed.

Ruger Net Worth

He is estimated to be about $300,000 which is mostly from his music. This figure, however, is not confirmed and he might estimated to be worth more.

What Happened to His Eye?

During an interview, he was asked if he was blind to which he responded by saying no. Ruger only wears the eye patch to respect someone special and he has not revealed who or why.


The musician has been involved in some “beef” with fellow musician Buju. Ruger and Buju have gone at each other on Twitter several times about who is better with reactions from netizens on the issue. They have tweeted controversial things about each other severally on twitter and are known to be music rivals. In March 2022, he was sexually assaulted by a female fan who got to excited on stage. The musician responded to this by walking out on his performance and this caused a bit of a conversation spark on social media.

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