September 18, 2023

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“My Job Is My Body And Men Love It”, Amber Ray

Amber Ray is a common household name in the Kenyan as well as East African industry. She is a socialite and social media influencer whose popularity has grown overtime. Her hustle, just like other Kenyan socialites has always come into question as it is said they use men for money. Amber Ray, however, is not embarrassed to admit that she has and still uses men to get money. Recently, she said she is not interested in starting her own business and setting up any means of earning income.

This was in response to her fan who commented on her post to up her game and make some money. Many people have brought into question as to why she doesn’t have any business set up or anything to earn her income. She remains in her comfort zone because she is comfortable using men to get money and she always gets it.

Amber Ray added that not everyone is business oriented and she doesn’t have to copy what others do. Her beauty and body are enough to pay other people’s bills as they love it. She in not lying though because she has chilled with the “big boys” in the past.

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