December 5, 2021

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Negative Effects Of ICT on Mental And Physical Health

Many of the negative effects can be effectively countered by the provision of appropriate information, guidance and support. However it may not be clear who should be responsible for providing this. In reality it is the responsibility of individuals, community leaders, professionals, organisations, employers and governments to ensure that we are all safe and well online, and that we are not excluded from participating.

Impact of a lack of boundaries exacerbated by ICT encouraging an always on mentality, particularly when work activities clash with home life.
Being excluded from participating online through a lack of basic needs, infrastructure, access to technologies, training to improve capabilities or knowledge of what is possible.Online grooming of children and young people with the intention of sexual abuse and of adults for criminal activities and fraud.

Being adversely affected by bullies or online trolls.Anxiety as a result of having to use technologies without the appropriate support or training. Many of the individuals will see new things and will always want to know what they are, as a result this causes anxiety in them. This effect is sometimes diverse as it may cause a lot of pressure among the individuals.
Use of social media causing negative experiences such as sadness or depression. Some people may get that someone has posted something negative about them of there close friends. This makes the individuals sad and hence may cause depression. Some people may end up doing bad things which ruin the families and the society at large.

Activities requiring repetitive movements, which can cause muscle strain or repetitive strain injury. people have to strain and move from one place to the other in such of some things from the internet this causes muscle strain.

An increase in sedentary working conditions at office desks and home entertainment activities which prevent people from getting enough physical exercise.

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