September 17, 2023

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Nikita Kering and Other Kenyan Artists and Creatives That Deserve More

African creatives and artists have evolved so much over the years, with a lot of music and talent going international. There was a time our African continental music was considered local and wasn’t really out there like it deserved to be. In recent years, however, this has changed with afro beats and amapiano going viral internationally and has been received well in other regions of the world.

This, however, cannot be said for our Kenyan artists and creatives. The only people that have really gone international are Sauti Sol and a few other artists. There is so much talent that is either dismissed or ignored in our country and that’s the real problem. Many small creatives have perfected their craft and are even blending different sounds and sadly most of them fail to get the recognition they deserve.

Why Do We Not Give Our Artists the Dues They Deserve?

We have given the mainstream platform to, no offence, people who don’t actually deserve it and some should not have it at all. Majority of the mainstream artists show zero creativity and keep repeating the same sound over and over again. The platform is given to who does the most antics and clout chasing. We keep crying on why we should support “local talent” but what are we actually supporting? Will our local talent ever go international when we fail to support actual talent without trying to put them down every chance we get?

There are a lot of underrated artists who make great harmonies and sounds. Artists who have potential to not only make our music international but also nurture people in so many wonderful ways. So why then do we not support them or give them attention?

Underrated Kenyan Artists That Deserve More

1. Nikita Kering

Although she has recently started to receive mainstream success, there is so much we can do for her talent. Its no secret, the girl can sing and is as gorgeous as they come. Her recent EP has only further solidified her as one of the best talents we have in the country even at such a young age. With the right push and support, we will be looking at the next international star and she will bring more shine on our Kenyan artists. Her vocals alone are worth all the success she can get.

2. Karun

Karun had only started to get mainstream recognition before she took a break. She, however, is back and is better than ever before. If you haven’t heard “Pen and Paper” or “Glow Up” you are really missing out on some of the best vocals and harmonies you have ever heard. Her recent songs showcase so much growth and with a unique sound that honestly no other artist is doing in Kenya. Her last album, “Catch A Vibe” was a work of art and she even received recognition from Rema for making dope music. Karun is honestly one of the top female artists in the country and she needs more recognition that she gets.

3. Silverstone Barz

As much as Kenyan hip hop is good, there is something lacking and honestly, most of our mainstream hip hop heads keep rapping over the same beats. With a huge influence from rapper Nicki Minaj, Silverstone gives such good delivery and bars I feel should be heard by everyone. I feel like people haven’t given her the attention she deserves. After hearing her on the Khaligraph song, its no doubt she could be so much more than she is.

4. Mau From Nowhere

If there is one thing to love about him is his creativity and Mau is arguably one of the best rising hip hop talents in Kenya. He is a mixture of Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul and all other old school hip hop type of guys. His projects are beyond perfection and his visuals are above and beyond.

5. Tabbie

Tabbie is a mixture of what I would call pop rap. She has a bit of rap in her songs but also pop with amazing beats. When I first heard her project, Rebel, I fell in love with it. I have been watching her growth and waiting on new project. She has a great way of delivering her songs with so much confidence it’ll turn you into a boss in no time.

6. Brokuod

Although their sound isn’t what you would call international, the vocal blends and harmonies are worth it. They have the old school Kenyan music sound and all I would say is, Brokuod are bringing old Kenyan RnB back and maybe it’s time we did. They are underrated among underrated Kenyan artists we need to give more attention.

There is so much we can do to support our underrated Kenyan artists who deserve more than we give them. We should not only talk about support local talent but never actually doing it. Let’s give our talented artists the shine they deserve and we’ll get so much more as a country.

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