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Nikita Kering Biography, Age, Family, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth and More

Nikita Chepchumba Kering is one of the youngest and most popular Kenyan musicians. She is known for her vocals and amazing songs, some of which have gained popularity outside the Kenyan community. Nikita Kering has changed the face of Kenyan music and brought in a new wave of uniqueness in the industry.


Kering was born on 26th February 2022 at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi County.

Nikita Kering Family

She was born in a family of 4 siblings and she is the only girl amongst 4 brothers. Her parents Anne and Joseph Kering contributed a lot in growing her talent. They are extremely supportive of their children’s talent and paths. Her family originates from the Kalenjin tribe.


For her primary education, she went to Riara Springs Academ, Kilimani Junior Academy and Nairobi Academy. Nikita then changed her path and went to Brookhouse International School where she focused on Business Technology. She specialized in Music performance, business marketing and production.


Her musical talent began at an early age as she started showing interest at the age of three. She continued to pursue this talent and was greatly inspired by artists like Emmy Kosgey. Nikita’s first public stage appearance came in 2012 when she performed at Emmy Kosgey’s album launch. The audience was greatly impressed by her talent and performance which boosted her esteem to further push her career to greater heights. While still pursuing her big break in the music industry, she took part in several plays and performances. Acting is also one of her side interests she might consider in the future.


In order to boost her music career, Nikita signed up for EmPawa Africa which is one Mr Eazi’s initiatives to help growing artists. She was in the top 10 finalists and received a lot of experience and training internationally. Kering was then discontinued from the initiative for being too young.

The efforts, however, did not go unnoticed and her participation brought forth a lot of opportunities. Several top Kenyan artists began to take notice of her and praised her singing ability. In 2019, she received two AFRIMA awards and became the youngest Kenyan female artist to do so. In the same year, she released her hit single “Tragedy” that was sponsored by Mr Eazi.

Since then, she has continued to work on her craft and music which has gotten her a lot of recognition. Her songs such as “EX” among many others introduced her to a bigger audience who have since then fallen in love with her.

In November 2022, she released another EP that has received a lot of love from the Kenyan audience. Her artistry has grown so much and she is currently one of the most popular artists. She looks up to artists like Beyonce and Adele who inspire her musical journey.

Nikita Kering Dating Life

Nikita Kering is highly secretive and prefers to keep her life private. Details about her dating life are currently unknown although there were rumors that she was dating artists Lil Maina.

Nikita Kering Net Worth

Her net worth is approximately $400,000 although this is an estimate from several news sites and outlets. She makes a lot of money from her music and brand deals including her recent partnership with Fenty Beauty.

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