June 11, 2023

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Online Writing Jobs To Take Up As a Freelance Writer

Writing is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative online jobs. Unlike majority of other online jobs, online writing comes in many forms and types. This allows anyone to easily get into writing and choose a writing skill they are good at. Writing, however, requires real skill and dedication from those who want to actively earn from it.

Clients require perfection from the tasks they assign hence one should train adequately. Additionally, someone who wants to work online as a writer should not take it lightly. Anyone with basic English skills and computer literacy can train to become an online writer. Below are some of the online jobs a freelance writer can take on.

1.Article Writing

Many people confuse this with blog writing. The two are very similar but are quite different from each other. Article writing is very rewarding to consistent writers who deliver great work. There are many courses including the famous Walter Akolo Course which assures jobs and clients immediately after completion. Some of these courses might be expensive for a beginner writer, hence, one can look up free courses on YouTube and other platforms to start their career. One can get jobs from Facebook groups and Upwork if they have a great profile and samples.

Other article writing courses: https:  Laura Wendy Courses

2.Blog Writing

Starting a blog is not the hardest part about this form of writing. Getting steady traffic to a blog with good SEO based content is a difficult task. This, however, is not to discourage anyone wanting to get into blog writing. It requires patience and consistency. In addition to all that, marketing your site is really important to draw traffic to your site. If you do not wish to start your own blog, there are clients who hire people to write on their blogs. Jobs can be found on Upwork, Facebook groups or any social groups.

3.Academic Writing

This form of writing is the most “difficult” of all the others. It requires intense research and a smart person to deliver great work to a client. Academic writing requires a lot of dedication and time. Connecting with people on social groups can help you get a job or looking up sites.


This can be described as a form of “advertising” writing. Copywriting requires creative minds that can give entice a person to buy or click something.

5.Email Writing

This form of writing requires someone to make a sale either through story writing or stating the importance of products. Clients require weekly emails to be sent out to their subscription list. Hence, the emails should be able to capture the product or service and convince the reader to check it out.

6.Review Writing

This is still a growing sector but it has quite a bunch of jobs. One can write book reviews, site reviews and any other thing that can be reviewed.

7.Web Content Writer

For sites to rank highly on google, people may require writers who search for keywords and metadescriptions. Theere are many jobs for this but it has grown a lot over the years. It can also include writing SEO based articles that will be ranked higher on Google.

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