April 11, 2024

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Politicians That Calmly Accepted Defeat in The 2022 Elections

Election period is one of the most intense times of the year. This applies to not only the general public, but also candidates who want to make sure they win. The election results can be very unpredictable and may cause chaos amongst all people. In most cases, accepting defeat in a calm way is not such an easy thing for politicians to do.

More often than never, most of them accuse the election officials of rigging and manipulating votes. This causes a lot of conflict in most voting centers and in some cases violence. This year, however, most of the defeated have calmly accepted defeat and wish the winners well, despite what might have went down.

Below are some of the leaders that calmly swallowed their bitter pill of defeat in this year’s elections.

1.Alfred Keter

He was an independent candidate and was contesting for Nandi Hills MP. Keter lost to Kitur who got over 25,000 votes. Alfred took to twitter to congratulate his opponent and thank his supporters.

2.Amos Kimunya

The Jubilee party candidate lost the Kipiriri MP seat to a UDA party member. He calmly conceded defeat to his political opponent.

3.Charles Kibiru

Charles was a Jubilee candidate for the Kirinyaga County Gubernatorial seat. He accepted his defeat even before tallying was concluded.

4.Naomi Shaban

She failed to defend her Taveta Member of Parliament seat. Naomi, however, took to twitter to send a nice message to her supporters and said she will still be in politics.

5.Nelson Havi

The lawmaker lost the Westlands parliamentary seat to Tim Wanyonyi.

6.Nixon Korir

Nixon lost the seat to entertainer Jalang’o and announced his defeat even before counting was done. He was contesting for the Lang’ata MP seat and wished Jalang’o all the best in his work.

7.Sospeter Ojamong

Sospeter concluded his term as governor and tried his luck as Teso South MP. He, however, lost to Otuoma whom he congratulated and accepted his defeat.

8.William Kabogo

The politician took to twitter to give a hearty message and accept his Kiambu gubernatorial seat defeat.

Most of the defeated politicians were expected to win and their losses came as a shock to many. The public, however, has admired their ability to accept it peacefully and respect the public’s choice.


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