December 2, 2022

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Presidential Aspirant Jimy Wanjigi’s Tour Receives Hostility.

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Presidential Aspirant’s Jimmy Wanjigi’s tour receives hostility

Presidential Aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi’s Homabay tour turned chaotic. Youths from the region stormed the ongoing meeting demanding to be included.

Reports state that there were plans to contain the youths but they overwhelmed the organisers forcing their way into the meeting.

Wanjigi’s Nyanza tour was kicked off with call for economic revolution. Speaking while in Kisumu international airpot, he attributed the current high cost of living to poor leadership.

He called upon Kenyans to vote out all sitting Mps, stating that they are part of the problem and for things to be restored, the whole house has to be “swept clean.”

“The current crop of leaders cannot spearhead any economic revolution because they are part of the problem. The first step of revolution is to clean the house,” he said.

As the country’s 2022 politics takes shape, Wanjigi earlier announced that he will be going for the country’s top seat using the Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party ticket.

In an interview last month, Wanjigi revealed that the construction of Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) was set to cost Sh55billion from Mombasa to Malaba.

Speaking to Citizen Tv Kenya Wanjigi reveales that he was the mastermind alongside the China road and bridge corporation.

The project was to be operated with minimal or no government involvement, Wanjigi said.

“SGR was a project birthed by me alongside China road and bridge corporation. The intention was tgat the rail was a private project, with nothing to do with the government. The government was only to provide the land.

He however revelead that he was surprised to learn that the SGR cost tax payer Sh330billion from Mombasa to Nairobi, while the cost from Nairobi to Naivasha costs at least Sh185billion.

Wanjigi who is ready to face ODM Party Leader H.E Raila Odinga in the ODM nominations. Strongly believes that he’s the solution to Kenyan problems.

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