January 31, 2023

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SECRETS REVEALED: FIVE Top Football Secrets You’ve Never Heard About

Football/ soccer is unarguably the most popular sport in the world. The game cuts across generations, races and social classes. It is one of the cheapest ways to have fun with friends, families and even enemies.
In this article however, the focus will be on the other side of the game and REVEAL the dirty secrets that sorrounds the game and most of them have never been heard before.


1. Messi’s height was Medically induced
Lionel Messi is known for the five Balon d’ORs awards he has lifted, helping Barcelona lift the UEFA Champions trophy four times and 8 La Liga crowns among other many individual and team awards.

However, what is not mentioned normally is that the football star was signed by Barcelona only because of they agreed to supply him with growth hormone drugs at a cost of $900. Many stories also emerge around the already football legend the most popular one being that he signed his first contract on a napkin. He was a tiny boy when he joined Catalan giants at the age of 14.

Human growth hormones are somewhat so expensive that other clubs could not afford and that is why Barcelona managed to sign him because they agreed to pay for the growth hormones. It is also banned across many sports but doctors recommended for him.

2. Football Temporarily Paused WW1
In 1914, football paused World War 1 when British, Germany and French soldiers cooled the hostilities and chose to play football and in fact the soldiers enjoyed the beautiful game and even hugged after the match. However we all know that the war continued untill 11th November 1918.

3. Corruption in English Football
Football match-fixing is a story associated with Italian 2006 Calciopoli scandal. South American football has also suffered from the same problem. However, English football has remained ‘clean’. The truth of the matter is there are dirty tricks in British football.

In 2016, former QPR boss Ian Halloway was amomg the few who came out and admit that there was bribery in the English game. It was the same time when FA was forced to sack Big Sam after only being appointed in less that three months, the reason being he had been tapped speaking about bribbery to influence players and match officials.

4. Pablo Escobar and Colombia Football
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Columbian drug lord and narcoterrorist. He is named as the wealthiest criminal in history. In the 1990s he was worth $ 30 billion. It is said that he supplied 80% of cocaine into the US during his reign.

Pablo however helped the Columbia football national team. Yes, he was a criminal but he loved football. He actually used a lot of his money to construct football pitches and fund clubs in all poor places in the country. It is because of his investment that football stars like Falcao, Rodriguez, Cuadrado, Martinez, Bacca and Zuniga among many others, emerged into the football career.

5. Andrés Escobar Saldarriaga – Columbia
The late Andrés Escobar was a fine Colombian defender who played for Atlético Nacional, BSC Boys and the National team. The centre – back was well known at his time but a simple mistake, an own goal in 1994 World Cup, ended his life.

The defender netted an own goal during their game with USA which led to their elimination. The fans back home were so furious that 10 days later he was gunned down outside a night club. It was a sad tragedy and he will never be forgeted.

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