January 31, 2023

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Mukuru wa Njenga murders

Serial Killers in Mukuru wa Njenga? Panic After Man Shares This on Facebook

Panic has stricken residents of Mukuru wa Njenga at the prospect of a serial killer on the loose. A large number of dead bodies have been found in one of the pits in the last few weeks.

Mukuru wa  Njenga murders

A resident has expressed the residents’ fears through his Facebook account. In his post, the man expressed concern in what he termed as a dangerous habit being formed in the area.

He further revealed that a good number of the bodies were women who had been molested, robbed then killed and dumped in the area. Reports given by residents reveal that no week goes by without reports of murders being reported. The trend is now causing alarm among the residents of Mukuru wa Njenga.

Kenya murder

The pit in question was dug a couple of years ago but is currently being used as a dumping site for dead bodies.

Mukuru wa Njenga has grown to become a hotspot for crime. People are urged to keep safe and tread carefully in some areas as pointed out the man through his Facebook post. The insecurity is a major concern especially at night. The post which has since been pulled down leaves more questions than answers.

The residents are now calling on the government and law enforcement officers in the area to take action.

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