January 31, 2023

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Huddah monroe ugly teeth

She Was The Ugliest! Huddah Monroe Reveals How She Lost Her 4 Front Teeth

Huddah Monroe is a popular Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur. She is known and admired for her beauty and spirit. Even though she is very beautiful now, Huddah revealed that growing up, she was not that beautiful and some people used to call her ugly. This is because she had gaps in her teeth and many students referred to her as ‘Mapengo’. She spent her High School with her four front teeth missing.

Huddah monroe ugly teeth

Huddah Monroe Teeth

The now stunning socialite has come out to explain what happened and why she did not have all her teeth. In her Instagram story, Huddah Monroe posted, “When I was 12 I lost my four front teeth in an accident and my mom couldn’t afford to buy me new teeth. So everyone in school made fun of me for lacking teeth, couldn’t smile without covering my mouth lol! And I hated it. So my dream was to make money when I grow up.”

Huddah goes on further to say how she made sure she got the money, “I promised myself when I make $$$ the 1st thing I wanted to do was fix my teeth and Travel the world! Lol! Just read a note I wrote at 13 Madness…I’ve lived up to it! Surely! You are not UGLY! Money is the  best make over!”

However good and inspiring the story is, it does contradict versions of what she had told in previous interviews. In one of her versions of the story, Huddah had revealed that a male admirer financed dental surgery worth over Ksh.920,000 to help her get a new set. In another version she said it was a flamboyant city lawyer.

Even though some parts are contradicting, one thing is for sure, Huddah Monroe has experienced the ultimate glow up which comes with money. She has managed to shun her haters and stand strong through everything. One lesson from it all, You are not ugly, you just need to make some money!

Huddah Instagram

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