December 7, 2023

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Signs Of An Already Failing Kenyan Government and Country?

Although the previous elections ended peacefully, there was so much tension surrounding the involved parties. There was more tension soon after the results and swearing in with a lot of predictions on which direction the country will take. It’s been approximately three months since the new government took office and a lot has happened so quickly in a short amount of time.

If you’ve been online a lot, especially on twitter, there has been a lot of conversation happening about the new government. Maybe it’s an online thing or it may be everywhere but are we already heading towards a failing economy and country? It might be too much of a short time to determine a failing government but are we really heading in the right direction?

Crime Rate and Special Service Unit

This is one of the issues that has people enraged and ranting for days. Crime in the country especially in Nairobi CBD has become unbearable. The worst part of it is how bold the criminals have become and how fearless they are. Its with the same boldness that they have made crimes so rampant and increased death rates in less than a week.

The increase in crime rate has been attributed to the disbandment of DCI’s Special Service Unit. Although the DCI is rejecting claims of the increase in crime rate, there is more than enough evidence to support these claims. The criminals are no longer trying to hide in broad daylight because they know the security that used to take care of it is no longer in place.

Within the past week, over 60 people have been hospitalized in one area in Nairobi due to stabbings and beatings from the “rebel” youth. What’s worse about all of this is the lack of action, no matter how much people are complaining.

What really is a country that cannot keep something as simple as rebels under control? Increase in crime is one of the signs of a failing country and with recent events, we are headed in a really horrible place.


Just before and during elections, the cost of living was so high a lot of people could not keep up. Less than two months after taking office there is a huge increase in taxes in an already highly taxed country. One could argue that the cost of living is becoming unbearable, worse than it was during the elections.

Another sign of a failing country is the cost of living. We watched these same matters hit other African countries, some of which haven’t recovered to date. Is it paranoia or are we headed in the same direction?

Increased School Fees

Lately there have been rumors about the government wanting to increase school fees especially in the universities. The last time this was done, which was last year, thousands of students had to drop out of school since they couldn’t afford the fees. Education plays a vital role in how well a country grows and functions.

Cutting higher learning for students especially poor students won’t do the country any good. There is a conversation we need to have and that is education is becoming inaccessible to the middle class and poor people. Soon enough it will be for the rich. This might seem like reaching but its actually factual and increasing fees for students is killing thousands of dreams and innovations.


KOT is enraged, reason being Charlene Ruto meeting up with powerful ambassadors and dignitaries of other countries. People are demanding to know the role of the president’s daughter in the government. Why she has been bestowed so much power? It might be something small, or not. Everything begins at a small rate and soon enough it will be beyond our control. This may be overreacting or it might not be but openness and transparency might solve it.

Did The Country Make the Right Decision

We have four more years to go and we are already having conversations on how bad things are. Its not like anything can be done but where are we as a country heading? Unemployment is still at its peak and poverty levels are striking each day. Crime rate is in one of the worst states it’s been in the cost of living is in the trenches. Will anything be done or have we finally accepted that there really isn’t much we can do anyway?

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