January 31, 2023

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Single Boys: Football stars without girlfriends 

Ngolo Kantè

The humble France Midfielder is single and it seems he has never had any girlfriend and he is always silent about his personal life.

Despite his fame, focussing on football career goal is everything to Kantè. This however has made him too introvert and somehow a girlfriend may help him become less shy and at least enlighten his social life.

Kylian Mbappe

After helping france win semi finals of the 2018 world cup against Argentina, all eyes were on him, the 19 year old star by then. He gained attention of Miss France 2017, who was spotted cheering him during the World cup games.

He is however too busy building his football career and he still lives with his mother. He might be too young to be dating and maybe this would change anytime from now.

Sadio Mane

The Senegalese super star has managed to keep his life under wrapps. Though it’s hard to find out whether he is single or not, Mane has been spotted alone in public events and the only family he talks about is his relatives back in Senegal.

Romours have it that the winger is in love with a lady by the name Melissa Reddy, but from the view of things he is very single.

Romelu Lukaku

The top Belgium and Inter Milan striker had been single since 2015 after Belgium a 1-0 defeat to Argentina during the quarter finals.

However in the previous year 2014, Lukaku was in summer holiday with ex girlfriend Julia Vendenweghe and split up on social media the following year. He has recently bought two apartments next to each other, one for her mum and son and on of his own. Maybe he would be back to love life but for now he chooses staying with his son and mum.


Diego Costa

The top striker’s ex girlfriend accused him of cheating on her with her own sister and her best friend too. After that, her next model girlfriend who is now his ex, Michelle Zouanne, dumped him after he found him guilty with evidence back in 2016.

The footballer has been single since then, maybe the heartbreak will be healed but for now he chooses to be happy by himself.



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