January 31, 2023

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Sonko’s Reaction To Form 2 Student Asking For School Fees

On September 15, 2021, Mellan Njeri was seen on Kenyatta avenue in Nairobi. Desperate to go back to school soon, she held a placard asking for help. “Please help me with school fees” it read. Like many, hers was an attempt to get help from wells wishers. Luckily, the sun smiled at her as her story received a lot of feedback with many willing to assist.

Her photos made rounds on the internet with many critiquing her story as others wished her all the best. Ex-governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko a.k.a Sonkoree,h as voiced his opinion on the matter.

Njeri is a 15 year old and a form 2 student at the Kihumbu-ini Secondary School in Murang’a. Her story has aroused different responses from all over. She was sent home for her fee arrear which is Ksh 29,177.

The flamboyant businessman, Mike Sonko reveals that he has experienced many fake scenarios while helping the needy. He expressed how suspicious it is to him, when guardians or parents put their personal contacts instead of the school’s paybill. Indeed, once bitten twice shy.

He goes on to state that cases like Mellan’s require investigation. Nonetheless,  he says that he does not mean that the story is fake. Many have mastered the art of being conmen, stealing hard earned money from thousands through creativity. Fabricating stories in order to get financial assistance from Kenyans, has been a norm for quite a while.

Sonko, discloses that he has the money in his phone and all he requires is the school’s paybill number to clear Njeri’s fee balance. “However niko na hio pesa kwa simu sai I need the school paybill tumsort sai plus kasmall pocket money,” he wrote.

Kenyans have congratulated Mike Sonko for his generosity towards Mellan Njeri. They have encouraged him to keep helping the needy.


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