January 31, 2023

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Tactics To Survive In Campus

Have you ever been in campus and wondered how those individuals who passed there survive? University or college life is never easy for people who joining the life. Most of them have zero idea of what awaits them. Here are some of the survival tactics in campus.

For you to survive in campus you must at least learn to live a life that is average. At times you have to plan your meals well. Ask any campus student how they usually survive and you will get to know. People are used to eating three meals a day. They take strong breakfast in the morning which may consist of either tea,coffer or porridge with some escort. At lunch time they take meals mostly consisting of carbohydrates in order for them to get energy. In the evening or night they usually take another strong meal then they go to rest. While in campus you must learn to skip some meals like breakfast for lunch or take breakfast then skip lunch. This is due to the financial strain campus students usually have. Skipping meals at times in university makes the life there easy.

The other survival tactic in campus in campus is the spirit of comradeship.  Comradeship is where people have to share while in campus. Basic need which includes food and housing at times need to be shared. At times fellow comrades will not have a me a and you have to share with then because next time you will not have. Comrades who usually live in the Same residential area share meals. ∴

The other survival tactic is to do with team work. Team work when it comes to assignments and other tasks given to you. Due to the fact that campus students usually have a lot of commitments they at times have no time to do some assignment. Members who have done the assignment usually share for some editing and some few additional points to be added in order to be on the safe side.

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