December 7, 2023

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Temina semo

Temina Semo Age, Tribe, Education, Family, Career, Boyfriend and More

Temina Semo Kavelwa is a content creator from Kenya. She mainly does fashion, lifestyle and beauty content for her YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Temina semo

Below are a few facts about this young phenomenal woman

1. Temina was born on 12th November 1999. She will be turning 22 in November 2021.

2. Temina has sisters including Nicole Semo, Sara semo and Michelle Semo

3. Temina Kavelwa is from the Luhya tribe in Kenya.

4. She studied law at Strathmore University and graduated in 2022.

5. Apart from content creation, Temina Semo is also a singer! Talk about limitless talent.

6. She has a passion for defending human rights and is a proud feminist

7. She enjoys creating fashion content and is very good at it.

8. She has over 75 thousand Instagram followers and is definitely growing very fast. Her channel on YouTube has managed to accumulate over 10,000 subscribers

9. Temina does not like to share details about her love life with the public, however, her instagram stories and answers on IG reveal that she is in the dating scenes just like any young lady. The lucky guy is not known to the public.

10. Temina’s content creation has managed to get her collaborations with very big brands in the country.

11. She describes her style as eclectic. She loves to experiment with different styles, colors and aesthetics. Temina Semo looks up to Juliette Foxx as one of her style icons

Temina semo photos

If we are talking about the next big names in the Entertainment or fashion industry in Kenya, then Temina Kavelwa Semo is a name which cannot miss. She is indeed an inspiration to many young youths in the country.

Temina Instagram: Temina instagram

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