May 7, 2021

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Blood Red in Turkana details

The Blood Red Lake in Kapedo Turkana, Facts and Details

Kenya is a very beautiful country with a great number of tourist attraction sites. However, there is one gem which very few people know of, even the locals. The Blood red lake in Kapedo Turkana.

Blood Red in Turkana details

What Makes the Lake Red

The lake is alkaline in nature and as the lake dries out, the alkalinity increases. The warm water combined with the high salt concentration makes it a great breeding ground for the Dunaliella algae which make the water blood red.

The microorganisms make their food through photosynthesis by organisms such as halophile which include cyanobacteria. The red accessory photosynthesizing pigment in cyanobacteria produces the red color seen in the lake and orange colors on the shallow parts of the lake.

The algae is green in color when exposed to salinity but turns red in high salinity & light intensity. In these condition, the algae produce protective carotenoides in their cells. That are responsible for the bright colors in the Lake.

The lake in Turkana is great place to stop by and visit the next time you are touring the Northern part of Africa. It attracts thousands of tourists in a year and offers a great experience. The locals are also very friendly.


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